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Star Wars Trilogy Pinball Machine (1997)

Star Wars Trilogy Pinball Machine (1997)
Product Details
Manufacturer :Sega Corporation
Year Released :1997
Category :Pinball Machines

About Star Wars Trilogy Pinball Machine (1997)

Released to commemorate the special edition releases of the first Star Wars Trilogy of movies, The Star Wars Trilogy Pinball machine lets to you aid Luke in his battle defeat Darth Vader!

The playfield features one ramp, two orbits, a set of drop targets, pop bumpers and various other features. An X-wing fighter set up to shoot the pinball into the drop targets is also a main part of the game.

Throughout the game play there are 6 different Heroic's (modes) that can be started. Starting all 6 awards will light an extra ball. The modes vary greatly in difficulty. There are also 5 different features that can be started at the Han Hole after completing the Force targets.

The object of the game is to complete Darth Vader's mask, in any order. This is done by scoring a Super Jackpot, completing a Hurry-Up, scoring a Falcon Jackpot, completing Heroic Mode, thawing Han Solo from the carbonite and scoring a Landspeeder award.

The Pinball design harks back to the original Star Wars Triology and features music and soundbites from the movies.

Relive all the magic of the movies with the The Star Wars Trilogy Pinball machine from pinball experts Data East...May the force be with you

Product Details for Star Wars Trilogy Pinball Machine (1997)

  • Located in Wollongong (near Sydney)

Product Database
Product Name :Star Wars Trilogy Pinball Machine (1997)
Category Type :Pinball Machines
Manufacturer :Sega Corporation
Year Of Release :1997
Product Size :Width: 74.0 cm
Depth: 148.0 cm
Height: 193.0 cm
Product Weight :135 kg

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