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Target Toss Pro Bags

Target Toss Pro Bags
Product Details
Manufacturer :Incredible Technologies, Inc.
Year Released :2007
Category :Video Games

About Target Toss Pro Bags

Target Toss Pro Bags is a new product based on the popular game of beanbag toss, otherwise known as "Bags" or "Cornhole". Target Toss Pro Bags is a trackball-controlled arcade game that is as fun, challenging and as competitive as the real thing. Target Toss Pro Bags takes a fresh twist on the classic game. It features a new scoring strategy that rewards players for making a "swish" instead of a standard "hole shot". Wind also plays a challenging factor in, especially in later rounds of the game. Players also have the power to set up their own four, eight, and sixteen-man tournaments.

Game Features:
  • Approachable game play
  • Casual competition that is perfect for bars
  • Single player games for high score
  • 2 player head-to-head
  • 3 player cutthroat (every man for himself)
  • 4 player team mode (2 vs 2)
  • 4, 8, & 16 player instant tournament modes
  • 3 selectable shot styles
  • Player initials displayed on the player's shirt
  • Instant replays
  • Play again/rematch feature

Product Details for Target Toss Pro Bags

  • "Top Scores of the Week" leaderboard
  • Top baggers leaderboard
  • "Hole Shot Masters" leaderboard
  • Works with any resolution monitor
  • Perfect for classic Golden Tee Fore! cabinets
  • Comes with system box, controls, graphics and marquee
  • First in a series of Target Toss Pro games to come under the Target Toss Pro brand from Incredible Technologies.
  • Software updates planned for future releases

Target Toss Pro Bags Target Toss Pro Bags Target Toss Pro Bags Target Toss Pro Bags  


Product Database
Product Name :Target Toss Pro Bags
Category Type :Video Games
Style :Sport Games
Manufacturer :Incredible Technologies, Inc.
Year Of Release :2007

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