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In The Groove

In The Groove
Product Details
Manufacturer :Roxor Games Inc.
Year Released :2004
Category :Video Games

About In The Groove

In The Goove is an arcade dancing game where players move their feet to music by popular, signed artists and rising indy groups from around the world. Players can dance non-competitively, compete for high scores, or show off their skills in the new game types. Players simply step on the arrows that scroll in time with the music.

Product Details for In The Groove

  • 60 brand new songs from proven talent and new independent artists, covering a wide variety of genres
  • Over 360 new step patterns from step artists in the dance community
  • Unlockable songs and courses
  • 3 styles of play: One player, two player, or double-pad
  • Up to 4 difficulty levels per song, per style, accommodates all players from beginner to expert
  • Fast menu navigation and 2-minute songs - spend more time playing
  • Innovations in step choreography - mines, hands, and quads
  • USB memory card reader lets players take advantage of tons of great features
  • Play Modes available include dance, battle, marathon and training
  • New expert difficulty steps challenge even the most hardcore players
  • Unlock codes are entered by players
  • 40+ modifier options total, including 20+ new arrow modifiers for creative challenges
  • Select multiple options on the same options line to create thousands of combinations
  • Choose between multiple arrow skins
  • Download steps online and bring them to the arcade on a USB memory card
  • Use the memory card to save options, high score name, and other preferences
  • Track stats with a memory card, and view performance history using any web browser - even share the data with friends.
  • Machine high scores are saved on the memory card - post the latest high scores for favorite machines online.
  • Save screenshots of top scores directly to the memory card and post them online.

Product Database
Product Name :In The Groove
Category Type :Video Games
Manufacturer :Roxor Games Inc.
Year Of Release :2004
Controller Type :Dance pad
Gameplay :Single Play & Versus Play
No. Of Players :2

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