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The Last Bounty Hunter

The Last Bounty Hunter
Product Details
Manufacturer :American Laser Games
Year Released :1993
Category :Shooting Games

About The Last Bounty Hunter

Another Laser Disc game featuring real actors. You play a bounty hunter, on the trail of 4 of the worst criminals in the land. As with most Laser Disc games, all the action has been pressed onto a laser disc for increased graphical quality.

The gameplay plays like an interactive movie, with the story unfolding by itself. The play will need to do some sharp shooter though in order to see the story to the end.

Unlike other shooting game, it's not necessary to kill the bosses, only to disarm them. If the player manages to shoot the weapon out of the enemies hand, he will be carted off to the nearest jail instead of taken away in a pine box. The bounty received will suffer if the bad guy is killed and also if the players keeps some of the bounties alive, there is a bonus stage at the end of the game. In the bonus stage all the bounties that are still breathing break out of jail for a final showdown.

The Last Bounty Hunter The Last Bounty Hunter      

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Product Database
Product Name :The Last Bounty Hunter
Category Type :Shooting Games
Style :Gun Shooting Games
Manufacturer :American Laser Games
Year Of Release :1993
Controller Type :Gun
No. Of Players :2

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