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The Maze of the Kings SD

The Maze of the Kings SD
Product Details
Manufacturer :Sega Corporation
Year Released :2002
Category :Shooting Games

About The Maze of the Kings SD

The Maze of the Kings is a gun game from Sega. Play revolves around treasure hunters trying to escape a pyramid with as much riches as they can while fighting hordes of ancient monsters. The game differs from previous Sega gun games like 'House of the Dead' or 'Virtua Cop' as players use magical staffs to kill enemies not guns. The game can be played by 1-2 players co-cooperatively. There is also an exchange system which allows players to swap lives.

The story follows an Archaeological Treasure Hunter, who is searching for the 'Worlds Lost Treasure'. Unfortunately our hero's path is fraught with many evil guardians of the lost empire who appear in the form of mummies and other sinister creatures.

Another new innovation for shooting games is that the story unfolds randomly. There are 3 to 4 areas to clear in each stage and a total of 4 stages. These areas will be randomly selected by the game from a list of more than 24 areas, so that each game hold new and exiting discoveries for the player. Players can win repeatedly, each time building on their score. The story develops in different directions from an early stage of the game, allowing even beginners to enjoy the different plots and sub plots.

You play the hero and wield the Magical Cane which can fire Light, Sparks or Fire projectiles. This enables the player to fend off the evil forces of darkness. This Magical Cane has a choice of effects. At the beginning of the game the player can choose which one of the three projectiles they will utilise in the quest for adventure & treasure: LIGHT - The damage created by this effect is low, but the player is able to use it 8 times before re-loading. SPARK - The basic effect in this game, 6 uses before re-loading. FIRE - This is the most powerful effect, but can only be used sparingly 4 uses before re-loading.

Product Database
Product Name :The Maze of the Kings SD
Category Type :Shooting Games
Style :Gun Shooting Games
Manufacturer :Sega Corporation
Year Of Release :2002
PCB Type :Sega Naomi GD Rom
Controller Type :Gun
Screen Size :29" Screen
Screen Orientation :Horizontal
Screen Resolution :High (31kHz)
Linking :No
Gameplay :Single & Co-operative Play
No. Of Players :2

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