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The Netstar Jukebox

The Netstar Jukebox
Product Details
Manufacturer :Rowe/Ami
Year Released :2000
Category :Jukebox Machines

About The Netstar Jukebox

The Netstar is modelled off Rowe's popular Laserstar CD jukebox series. The big difference is that the Netstar has online internet access through "Ecast" software.

Product Details for The Netstar Jukebox

  • 400 album capacity
  • CD purchase option
  • Play mine first option
  • Single song download
  • Credit card acceptance

Added features available on PC
  • Remote component failure indicator
  • Top songs on any or all machines
  • Add/Delete albums at any or all sites
  • Revenue indicators by machine

The Netstar Jukebox        


Product Database
Product Name :The Netstar Jukebox
Category Type :Jukebox Machines
Manufacturer :Rowe/Ami
Year Of Release :2000

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