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Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider
Product Details
Manufacturer :JPM International
Year Released :2002
Category :AWP / SWP

About Tomb Raider

Based on the phenomenon that is Tomb Raider, comes the Trail to End styled SWP "Tomb Raider". Feature Entry is achieved when the player completes a one to seven stage trail via overlaid numbers on the win line. Bonus position four can also aid feature entry.

The player must work their way to the end of the trail. In the trail there are four rooms in each of the rooms a key must be collected before the player can continue up the trail. If the player does not manage to get a key they will lap around the room until obtaining one which then opens up the next part of the trail. Whilst lapping the player can add to their Cash and Nudges pot as well as activating features. However if the player wants to avoid the rooms they can hi-lo gamble straight up the trail. This option is only available at the start of the feature.

Get to the end of the trail and you will be awarded the superb Tomb Raider Win Series. The Super Features are offered when a feature has been landed upon twice. Mystery is awarded when the player lands on a mystery square during the trail. Outcomes include Extra Health, Extra Key, Lose Health etc.

The player gets a health meter which starts at 100% at the beginning of every feature. The player loses health when they land on combat square. The player can regain health by landing on a medi-pack square. When the player lands on a weapon square via the trail they will be awarded a weapon which adds into their weapon pot. When the player has collected four weapons, any win they have in the cash pot is then guaranteed.

Product Database
Product Name :Tomb Raider
Category Type :AWP / SWP
Manufacturer :JPM International
Year Of Release :2002

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