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Toys March

Toys March
Product Details
Manufacturer :Konami
Year Released :2005
Category :Music Machines

About Toys March

Another series of music machines made by the powerhouse company Konami. This series is a simplified version of Konami's other Drum simulator Drummania.

The 2 main differences are 2 players can play at once as opposed to only one with Drummania machines. The other differences is that each player's controls consists of only 1 drum and 1 cymbal.

The game flow is similar to other Konami's music games. Player's get to choose a song rated in difficulty from 1 to 5 stars. The playfield consists colourful backgrounds with cute animated characters dancing around.

On each side of the screen is the player's section. Images fall from the top of the screen and when the image reaches the marker at the bottom. The player must strike the correct pad either the drum or the cymbal.

There are 3 main images, a blue note meaning strike the drum. A Yellow cymbal meaning strike the cymbal. Or a blue block meaning strike the drum rapidly. This block can be any length, the player must keep striking the drum for as long as the block lasts.

When the music ends, the players ratings & successful strikes are revealed and in versus mode a winner is declared.

Product Details for Toys March

  • Toy's March Full Machine
  • 2 Player Drum Simulator
  • Over 25 Songs
  • 10 Colourful Characters

Toys March Toys March      



Product Database
Product Name :Toys March
Category Type :Music Machines
Style :Music Games
Manufacturer :Konami
Year Of Release :2005
Product Size :Width: 183.0 cm
Depth: 110.0 cm
Height: 230.0 cm
Product Weight :227 kg

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