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Transformers Pro Pinball

Transformers Pro Pinball
Product Details
Manufacturer :Stern Pinball Inc
Year Released :2011
Category :Pinball Machines

About Transformers Pro Pinball

Transformers Pro Pinball machine will come in four versions of this game out there, Pro (the standard version), Limited Edition and then separate Autobot and Decepticon Limited Collector's Edition cabinets.
The playfield is split in two for Decepticons(Evil) on the left and Autobots(Good) on the right, the ramps are made from nicely detailed molded plastic ramps.
It features very high resolution digitally printed full cabinet decals with the Autobots on one side and the Decepticons on the other.

Product Details for Transformers Pro Pinball

  • "Megatron Vehicle Form" Rapid Fire Multiball with "Cyber" Ball Lock and Illuminated Eyes
  • "Optimus Prime" Target with "M.T.M.T.E." (More Than Meets The Eye) Elevating Ramp to hit target
  • "Bumblebee Captive" Camaro Target--captive ball accelerates car into target
  • "Decepticon" Laser-Cut Steel Ramp
  • "Ironhide" Character & Ramp
  • 3 "Devastator" Pop Bumpers
  • 1 "Autobot/Decepticon" Spinning Target
  • "All Spark Cube" Eject Hole
  • Color-Themed Star Posts in "Decepticon Violet" and "Autobot Crimson"
  • Art Themed Silk Screened "Roll Out!" Ramps
  • "Cybertron Zenith Orbit Shot" with electronically-controlled gate
  • Hi-Definition Cabinet Artwork and Decals
  • Traditional Coin-Op Coin Door (correct for each country)
  • "Autobots Vs. Decepticons" Themed Cabinet and Back Box:
"Autobot" Art on Right Side panels
"Decepticon" Art on Left Side panels
  • "Vector Sigma Data Track" QR Codes

Transformers Pro Pinball Transformers Pro Pinball      



Product Database
Product Name :Transformers Pro Pinball
Category Type :Pinball Machines
Style :Action / Adventure Games
Manufacturer :Stern Pinball Inc
Year Of Release :2011
Gameplay :Single Play
No. Of Players :1

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