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V-Rally Arcade Edition

V-Rally Arcade Edition
Product Details
Manufacturer :Inskor Entertainment
Year Released :2002
Category :Driving Machines

About V-Rally Arcade Edition

In V-Rally Arcade Edition, the successful Rally series makes the transition to the arcade market. Players are able to take part in single and multiple off road races through winding stretches of realistic computer generated scenery, at the controls of a powerful rally car.

Players can choose from a variety of cars and courses, and completing each stage will unlock new cars and courses.

Product Details for V-Rally Arcade Edition

  • Cabinet available in both sit-down and upright versions
  • Sit-down cabinet version incorporates a realistic hand brake
  • Full four player network capability available between all models

  • Product Database
    Product Name :V-Rally Arcade Edition
    Category Type :Driving Machines
    Style :Driving / Riding Games
    Manufacturer :Inskor Entertainment
    Year Of Release :2002
    Product Size :Width: 79.0 cm
    Depth: 208.0 cm
    Height: 199.0 cm
    Controller Type :Steering
    Screen Orientation :Horizontal
    Linking :Yes
    Gameplay :Single Play & Versus Play
    No. Of Players :1

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