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Wheel Em In Redemption Machine

Wheel Em In Redemption Machine
Product Details
Manufacturer :Bromley Games
Category :Ticket Redemption Machines

About Wheel Em In Redemption Machine

Wheel Em In Redemption Machine is an exciting ticket weilding machine from Bromley Games. The machine is shaped like a pinball machine, however, from its design- an old man wearing a top hat, tuxedo, and eyepiece, holding a bunch of tickets; its a game where you can get alot of tickets. Players insert a token, if the token falls onto any colour column without touching boundaries, players get tickets in accordance with the column value.

The object of Wheel 'em In is to put a quarter or token inside the machine and to try and make the coin land either entirely on top of one of the lanes (jackpot!), or completely in-between two lanes. It tells you in the back of the machine how much the separate lanes are worth. Those numbers represent how many tickets will shoot out from the machine if you're lucky enough to have your rolling coin land right on top of any certain lane. You can rack up a maximum of 120 tickets in just one roll of the coin. Other lanes hold lower, but still satisfying numbers, such as 75.

Wheel 'em In's conveyor belt like playing field is always moving forward at a constant speed from the front of the machine to the back. The playing area looks like a flat roll of poster paper that has nine different colored ticket designs printed on it. Every lane, or 'ticket design', is about as wide as the width of a quarter (lying face up or down), and each lane is also about a quarter's width away from the next one.

Product Details for Wheel Em In Redemption Machine

  • Fast game play
  • Multi-stack ticket bin
  • Deltronics ticket dispenser
  • High earnings
  • Adjustable payouts

Wheel Em In Redemption Machine        

Wheel Em In Redemption Machine

Product Database
Product Name :Wheel Em In Redemption Machine
Category Type :Ticket Redemption Machines
Manufacturer :Bromley Games
Linking :No
Gameplay :Single Play
No. Of Players :1

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