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Who Dunnit? Pinball (1995)

Who Dunnit? Pinball (1995)
Product Details
Manufacturer :Bally
Year Released :1995
Category :Pinball Machines

About Who Dunnit? Pinball (1995)

A mystery/murder themed pinball which can be played in either the novice or expert mode. The main action takes place in the elevator which can be accessed with a center shot into Tony's Palace. The ramps around the playfield open the elevator doors and move it up and down floors.

On each floor players learn clues to the killer's identity and when they figure it out, it leads to a roof top battle with the killer.

Product Details for Who Dunnit? Pinball (1995)

  • Crated Weight 122kgs 270lbs

Who Dunnit? Pinball (1995) Who Dunnit? Pinball (1995)      

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Product Database
Product Name :Who Dunnit? Pinball (1995)
Category Type :Pinball Machines
Manufacturer :Bally
Year Of Release :1995
Product Size :Width: 74.0 cm
Depth: 140.0 cm
Height: 193.0 cm
Product Weight :112.5 kg

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