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XD Theatre 8 Simulator

XD Theatre 8 Simulator
Product Details
Manufacturer :Trio-Tech Amusement
Year Released :2012
Category :Simulators

About XD Theatre 8 Simulator

The XD Theater 8 Simulator can turn any existing movie into a thrilling experience since the motion technology provides more than just jolts and tilts.

Turn any location into a real time motion theater with Triotech's new XD THEATER, a 6D motion simulated thrill ride that transcends time, space and imagination. With our unique and cost effective motion seats, you won't have to compromise your standards for successful entertainment.

Convenient Installation

Our motion platforms are so adaptable that you can install them in any location.
There is no need for any major construction. The XD theater seats are as easy to install as traditional theater seats. Our motion platforms are self-contained making them convenient enough to take on the road or fill an existing room.

Unparalleled Acceleration

Our XD Theater seats boast up to 2 G's of acceleration and a 400 movements/second thanks to our industry leading patented technology. This is a huge step up from the limited 1G standard that most motion platforms offer.
Wide Range of Applications

The XD Theater offers a greater advantage over other motion platforms. The XD can turn any existing movie into a thrilling experience since our motion technology provides more than just jolts and tilts.

  • Available from 8 seats upwards
  • All electronic, no hydraulics
  • Customised floor layouts
  • Now in over 60 locations around the world

Product Details for XD Theatre 8 Simulator

12 rides to choose from including;

Ravine Racer - NEW!

Thrilling 600mph race through an unforgiving desert in jet powered flying cars.

Robots of Mars - NEW!

Defeat the evil supervisor of Mars and save the universe.

Canyon Coaster - NEW!

An exhilarating roller coaster adventure in the canyons and caves of the American South West.

Snow Ride - NEW!

Race through snow-covered mountains. This is one wild, icy ride that will give you thrills and chills.

Cosmic Race

Get ready for a high octane space race around a cosmic circuit. This is a pure adrenaline rush!


An unusual underwater submarine adventure features strange encounters with great white sharks, giant clams and underwater dragons.

Arctic Run

Wild snow cat ride through the glacial landscapes of the arctic.

Cosmic Coaster

Wild roller coaster thrill ride through space.

Haunted Mine

This spooky and mysterious ride takes you through an old broken-down goldmine that just happens to be haunted.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

This amazing journey takes you through the underground world and the center of the earth.

Ocean Jungle

This underwater voyage guides you through towns and submerged caverns with face to face encounters with a giant octopus and prehistoric creatures.

Jett and Jin

Jett, a young boy with a wild imagination, builds jetpacks for him and his cat, Jin, as they embark in wild adventures.

Product Database
Product Name :XD Theatre 8 Simulator
Category Type :Simulators
Manufacturer :Trio-Tech Amusement
Year Of Release :2012
No. Of Players :8

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