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Zombie Tycoon Video Coin Pusher Arcade Machine

Zombie Tycoon Video Coin Pusher Arcade Machine
Product Details
Category :Coin Pushers

About Zombie Tycoon Video Coin Pusher Arcade Machine

Zombie Tycoon Video Coin Pusher Arcade Machine is a ticket redemption machine with addictive coin pushing 3D video game play, in which players must shoot and defeat zombies. In Zombie Tycoon, instead of traditional mechanical "brooms", the game works with a virtual pusher that pushes the coins and active props forward to win scores for tickets rewards.

When compared with traditional coin pushers, Zombie Tycoon has much more to offer players as it adds zombie shooting, prop and jackpot linking functions. The simple, but fun game play will draw players in from all across the floor, while the extras give the game great replay value.

The game play for Zombie Tycoon is easy and addictive, players simply press the button to shoot the coins in order to beat down zombies and get coin rewards which fall onto the coin table. The tray in the middle pushes the rewarded coins on the table into the score area and players win relative amount of tickets. In the game, all the coins, props, scenes, and zombies' collision will be accompanied by a realistic and natural vibrating effect.

Product Details for Zombie Tycoon Video Coin Pusher Arcade Machine

  • 32" High Definition LCD screen
  • 1-3 players
  • Voltage: 110W
  • Language: English and Chinese

Machine Size(cms): 210 Width x 68.6 Depth x 210.9 Height

Input/Output Options Available:
  • Coin In / Coin Out
  • Coin In / Redemption Ticket Out
  • Coin + Note In / Redemption Ticket Out
  • Note In / Thermal Printer Out
  • Card In / Card out (cashless system)

Product Database
Product Name :Zombie Tycoon Video Coin Pusher Arcade Machine
Category Type :Coin Pushers
Style :Shooting Style Games

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