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Welcome to the Manufacturer section, a comprehensive listing of arcade manufacturers associated with the amusement industry. To help you find the manufacturers, please click on the Alphabetical links or use the search engine on the left.

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Maggi Coniature s.r.l. Maggi Coniature s.r.l.
A company founded by Ettore Maggi in 1927. Ettore was a well known craftsman in artistry and engraving.
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The MAGIC PLAY Sp. z o.o. company was established in 2001. Initially, the company dealt mainly with fruit machines, but with the increase of financial capabilities it started investing in other entertainment equipment.
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Magnetic Cash Magnetic Cash
A company that specialises in electronic payment cards. Which is a system that operators install in there arcade and their member uses electronically coded card instead of cash.
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Manjyudo Co., Ltd. Manjyudo Co., Ltd.
Established in 1987, Manjyudo is an amusement machine manufacturer and export trading company exporting primarily to Asia from Japan.
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Mass Networks, Inc. Mass Networks, Inc.
Mass Networks, Inc, develops, manufacturers and distributes e-mail kiosks that send video and photo e-mail over the Internet.
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MaxFlight Corporation MaxFlight Corporation
Founded in 1994, MaxFlight designs and manufactures interactive motion ride systems for the entertainment industry.
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Maxi Fun Air Games S.a.r.l. Maxi Fun Air Games S.a.r.l.
Air Games Maxi Fun S.a.r.l. was established in Sierre in the late 1990s and develops, builds and distributes innovative and interesting attractions based on sporting, ecological and fun concepts.
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Maygay Machines Ltd Maygay Machines Ltd
Started in 1965, Maygay Machines is one of Europe's premier creators and manufacturers of coin-operated amusement and gaming machines. In simple terms, this means fruit machines and skill games.
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Mazooma Games Ltd Mazooma Games Ltd
A manufacturer of AWPs, SWPs and club machines for their core UK market, however they also make products for the international market.
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Medtech Wristbands Medtech Wristbands
Medtech Wristbands are one of the Worlds largest manufacturers of wristbands including Supertek, Plastic, Vinyl, Sparkle, Wide face, Stub and the new Electric and Holographic bands with over 19 colors too choose from.
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