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KNT products are valued throughout the world for their originality, the novel ideas behind them, and the technology which can turn those ideas into reality. There follows an explanation of the various departments which make up the company.

Our policy is to develop products which cannot be imitated by other companies, and to this end we manage the whole product development process ourselves, from the proposal for the game machine, through circuit and mechanical design, to programming. We have always avoided being influenced by the rapidly changing market, giving priority to "what we want to make ", rather than "what they want us to make". This has resulted in our reputation for novelty and high-profitability.

The used machines which we handle are individually and carefully maintained in our own factory, making optimum use of our manufacturing knowledge. The fact that we supply only items in top condition has gained us a high level of trust throughout the world.

We constantly strive to garner and develop new technology to use in our factory, where we make a wide variety of game machines. These include commissions from other companies as well as our own products.

Sales are divided into two departments, domestic and overseas, which are engaged in selling both our own products and used machines. We also employ foreign staff to help us meet the demands of the world market, aiming always to give priority to the customer's needs and profits.

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Address81 Yokoyam-town, Sukagaw-city, Fukushima-pre, 962-0041
Web Addresshttp://knt-com.info/

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