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Product Details
Manufacturer :KNT
Year Released :2001
Category :Novelty Machines

About Ryudo

Ryudo is a fortune-telling machine that provides readings of a person's character or a couple's compatibility.

For couples to play, insert a coin and press the Compatibility button on the right. Press the female star sign button followed by the male star sign button. Finally, press the compatibility button again. The fortune telling will begin and after 30 seconds, the compatibility assessment print-out will appear.

Similarly, for an individual's character reading, insert the coin and press the Character button on the right. Then press the desired star sign button followed by the character button again. The character assessment will start and 30 seconds later, a print-out will appear.

Product Details for Ryudo

  • Consumable electric power: 35W

Product Database
Product Name :Ryudo
Category Type :Novelty Machines
Manufacturer :KNT
Year Of Release :2001
Product Size :Width: 63.0 cm
Depth: 60.0 cm
Height: 162.0 cm

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