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Advantages of Self-Service Coffee Machines in Chinese Market

Advantages of Self-Service Coffee Machines in Chinese Market
Advantages of Self-Service Coffee Machines in Chinese Market
The global coffee consumption is growing at a rate of 2%, and that of China is growing at 15% per year. It's expected that the scale of China's coffee market will reach 100 billion yuan in 2025. As the growth of the coffee market, self-service coffee machines also embrace a promising future in China. So what are the advantages of the self-service coffee machine in the country?

Coffee Consumers Increasing With the Growth of Per Capita GDP
1.4 billion people, the natural advantage of China, coupled with the growth of per capita GDP and the improvement of people's material life, China's coffee consumption is up at 15% per year. As a substitute for tea, coffee has the advantage over tea in taste and craftsmanship, which enables it to meet consumer's needs.

The Upgrading Coffee Consumption Bringing Incremental Market Space
The upgrade of coffee consumption has led to higher requirements for the product, which is extreme experience and refined packaging. In general, freshly ground coffees are far better than instant and ready-to-drink coffee in terms of taste and experience, but it is not as later as the price and convenience. In the aspect of pricing, mega coffee brands such as Starbucks have marked a line between ordinary consumers and mid- to high-end consumers.

Mid- to high-end consumers tend to value the products quality and consumer experience for which they are willing to pay more money. The general consumers are more concerned about the product demands of coffee, while the service experience becomes the second. Based on the price, they are more willing to choose instant coffee or substitute beverages such as milk tea and functional drinks.

However, the emergence of self-service coffee machines has solved this embarrassing situation. The price of the products in the machines ranges from 8-16 yuan, which means it can win the heart of ordinary consumers. Meanwhile, most of the machines are placed in office buildings and campuses, within the reach of general office workers and students.

The Help From the Rise of Unmanned Retail Terminals
The more developed the economy, the higher the coverage rate of self-service vending machines. Most of the machines are placed in the most commercial and crowed places in first- and second-tier cities, such as metro stations, business districts and hospitals. Japan and the United States, the countries ranking top in the unmanned retail terminal industry, have entered the industry early and achieved a wide coverage now. Unlike these countries, the industry in China is just at the beginning and without any established industry leaders. There are still less than 200,000 self-service coffee machines in China, which remains a huge market.

Within the Reach of Offline Consumers
The self-service coffee machines are placed in the densely populated areas according to the point layout. Combined with electronic payment, the machines will harvest huge amounts of offline consumers.

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