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Alien Elephant Redemption Arcade Machine Released to Market!

Alien Elephant Redemption Arcade Machine
Alien Elephant Redemption Arcade Machine
Alien Elephant has now been released and is available to the market! It is a redemption arcade gaming machine which is setup to accept coins or tokens, and pay out coins, tokens or redemption tickets.

The aim of the game is for players to match the “Mission” number of coins (which is set by the machine for each new game), with the “Count” number of coins, i.e. coins collected by the player.

The player sucks up coins through the vacuum by pushing the Start/Stop button when they're ready and use the joystick to move the nozzle around to collect coins.

When they think they have sucked up the same amount of coins as the “mission” number, they press the Start/Stop button and the vacuum stops. The machine then counts off the sucked up coins onto a platform, and if the counted number is within the 'Clear Range' of the mission number, the platform tilts and pays out the coins.

The 'Clear Range' is a give or take scenario. For example, if the variant of the ‘clear range’ is 50 coins (so give or take 50 coins) and the mission number of coins players must try to collect is 400 coins, then players can collect anywhere between 350 -450 coins and the game will payout the amount to them. This variant can be changed by the operator at any point, it is not locked.

However, if the player doesn’t get in the range it is game over and the coins accumulate on the platform, tempting gamers to play again to win the grand jackpot.

The Alien Elephant can be set up for either coin or token pay out, or, ticket redemption. If the machine is set up for ticket payout the machine will print out the “count” number of tickets instead of paying out the coins. This feature makes the machine suitable for a wide range of locations and age groups, while it’s simple, yet skill-based gameplay will attract players from all across the floor.

Check out the below video of the Alien Elephant to see this great game in action:



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