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AMOA Report

AMOA Report
AMOA Report
The AMOA in Las Vegas is now well under way, with some very interesting new games and indeed new companies.

From the majors we have;

Namco-Ridge Racer 5 this is a twin player driving game, also a Pacman classic revisited from 1981. Sega- Had Nascar as well as Confidential Mission Force an excellent looking shooting game in the Virtua Cop gendre (this will be a big hit for Sega). Sega Strike fighter a new style air combat game was also on show.Plus other games included their new Royal Rumble Wrestling game and one other prototype based on the Virtualon theme of Tank battle though much better this Alien Front line was fun to play and will be an online game.

Konami showed a new driving game Code One Dispatch and the latest Dance Dance machine, as well as two interesting looking redemption games Big Top Bop and Silent Scope Token Shot. Midway – had The Grid a futuristic Gladiator style video linking three games up. Also Cart Fury, which is testing very well. (On private view was their new Snowmobile game that will start testing in a few weeks).

Lazertron were also showing their latest concept that is currently being sited in McDonalds with great success, which has lead to them now signing a deal with this Blue "chip" company.

On the Sammy stand they had some cute Pokemon style redemption games but their steady seller seemed to be their Deer Hunter game. New kids on the block included U-Wink the new company from the Nolan Bushnell stable, this company had new internet touch screen machines and tournament ready machines, this is one to watch they have raised  loads of money to create and follow through with ingenious games in very creative style cabinets, which will open up new sites for the operator.

Fun E Business had a similar array of product, as did Ecast, although Ecast were also showing their latest Downloadable Juke box that has been made in partnership with Rowe.

ICE had two very interesting new games, one called Pixie was a super self vending skill capsule dispenser which is sure to be a big success, plus in private they showed a new title for which they have Exclusive testing rights called Star Treck Voyager, if initial tests hold steady they have a two player shooting mega hit on their hands.

 New on the Pinball front was the Illinois Pinball Company with their new Pin "Pool Player" and Stern pins had their new Tournament pinout.

So in conclusion we would say feedback on Machine of the show was:


Video – Sega Mission Control Force

Redemption – Pixie by ICE

And best video not yet released  - Star Trek Voyager

The AMOA was well attended this year and with its partnership with Fun Expo this show has guaranteed its place as a must visit show in the World calendar.

Full report coming soon.


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