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Arcooda’s first checkpoint video provides plenty of insight and updates

Arcooda’s first checkpoint video provides plenty of insight and updates
Arcooda’s first checkpoint video provides plenty of insight and updates
Since releasing its first checkpoint video last Friday, Australian arcade manufacturer Arcooda has provided the gaming world a slew of information about what it has been up to this year.

Arcooda announced on May 5 it was starting a new video series which would update everyone with company happenings and project developments.

In Checkpoint video 001, Arcooda unveiled an all-new 8 player fish arcade machine, offered members a special introductory price for its new fish game The Lost Dragon and provided updates on Arcooda Pinball Arcade and Arcooda Video Pinball.

Arcooda also unveiled its new Anti-Cheater Alarm system.

New Fish Machine

This is an entry-level model of video redemption cabinet, suitable for fish hunter style games, at a fraction of the price of the premium models.

It includes a 55 inch screen and allows for up to 8 players to play at the one time. This model will be built with China-made parts. A deluxe model can be built with wiring for plug and play, bill acceptors and printers.

The Lost Dragon

The Lost Dragon is Arcooda’s latest fish hunting game. The company is offering its members the chance to purchase The Lost Dragon game kits at a special introductory price of $US995.

More on this here.

Arcooda’s Anti-Cheater Alarm system

Arcooda’s Anti-Cheater Alarm system has been designed to stop and deter thieves armed with EMP Jammers or Slot Jammers from robbing coin-operated gaming machines.

The company introduced this system in the checkpoint series, but released a humorous second video sharing more details about it.

More on this here.

Arcooda Video Pinball Machine

Originally meant to be released early in 2017, in the checkpoint video Arcooda said: “After much thought, we decided to push this release date back to re-engineer hardware and software components in the machine to deliver a product that looks and feels like a real pinball.”

Key component upgrades so far include adding a smart tilt IO board, a custom pinball coil mechanism and a dual flipper opto board.

More on this here.

Arcooda Pinball Arcade

Arcooda joined forces with FarSight Studios (creators of The Pinball Arcade) in December 2016 to create software to run on the Arcooda Video Pinball.

This software is Arcooda Pinball Arcade. FarSight is in the process of writing software code which will allow for:

Backglass support on all tables
Power management for coils, lights and various motors
New camera angles and 3D support
New player interface
New game play mechanics

Arcooda now has 12 backglass animations for its Arcooda Pinball Arcade tables.

More on the backglass support here.



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