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Atari Fit App - Excercise to Unlock Classic Arcade Games

Atari Fit App
Atari Fit App
For retrogaming fans who want to get fit or like to be active, the new Atari Fit App is one of those 'shut-up-and-take-my-money things. This new fitness application allows players to download classic arcade games for achieving excercise goals.

The app, which was released this week, rewards gamers for fitness with old-school games like Pong, Super Breakout, and Centipede. These are not only some of Atari's most popular games, but they are also some of the most popular classic arcade games of the Golden Era of gaming.

Atari Fit attempts to blend a game-developer's mentality with a fitness application, encourgaing and motivating gamers to excercise by employing a leveling system, coin collection, and rewarding players with experience points as they work out.

As players excercise more and level up, the app's bank fills with coins that can be spent like quarters in an arcade, which players can then use to play classic Atari titles. Employing this positive reward system is a great idea and has been done in an innovative way.

Atari's chief executive officer Fred Chesnais explains,"With Atari Fit, players from around the globe can exercise, play and get healthy together by providing a gamified fitness experience unlike any other app currently available."

He continued, saying "By uniting the universal need to exercise and live healthfully with the entertaining experience unique to Atari games, we've created an app that proves fitness can be fun."

The app includes 150 exercise routines for players to try and allows users to customize them to their own fitness goals. Plus, it tracks your stats and also has a multiplayer mode, allowing players to challenge/encourage their friends and help keep them motivated. There's even a leader board, so players can find out how they perform against other retrogamers.

The app has garnered considerable attention, however, it's next challenge will be sustaining interest over a long period of time to keep players moving and playing. How the company plans to tackle this is yet to be seen.

Atari Fit is available on iOS and Android.


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