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Bandai Namco Gears Up for Bowl Expo 2019

Jumbo Jumpin is now shipping
Jumbo Jumpin is now shipping
The team at BANDAI NAMCO is gearing up for this month's Bowl Expo, which will be held from June 26-27 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Visitors to booth 601 will see two great redemption titles, one of which is utilising a huge brand IP and is getting its global unveiling at the show!

BANDAI NAMCO will also be showing Jumbo Jumpin', which is shipping now – this is the updated version of its original hit redemption game Jumpin' Jackpot. The concept of the game is very simple: players jump over an LED jump rope to win tickets. As players jump over the virtual jump rope, they will start filling a visual progress bar on the screen. As the bar gets increasingly filled up, the speed of the rope increases. When the bar is fully lit, the player wins the ticket jackpot!

There are multiple coin/jackpot settings giving players the ability to choose between different difficulty settings. This new version features a high-resolution LCD display as well as different modes of gameplay between Double Dutch and normal jump rope.

"The original Jumpin Jackpot is a staple must for games locations across the US. Jumbo Jumpin' simply increases the size, appeal and revenue of the game in locations. We have had a number of units out on test across the country all with strong results," says Steve Ignarski, National Sales Manager at BANDAI NAMCO USA.

"As for our second redemption title, it has never been shown before and we are extremely excited to unveil it at the show. We look forward to welcoming visitors to stand 601."



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