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Bandai Namco Product Updates Point Blank X, Time Crisis 5 SD!

Bandai Namco Product Updates Point Blank X, Time Crisis 5 SD!
Bandai Namco Product Updates Point Blank X, Time Crisis 5 SD!
Bandai Namco Entertainment has released updates on Point Blank X (also known as Gun Bullet X) and Time Crisis 5 SD following their IAAPA exhibition!

Time Crisis 5 SD Arcade Machine is the smaller standard cabinet featuring the fifth instalment of the Time Crisis series. It's a 2 player, light gun game and features both solo and cooperative game play, plus 3 extra stages! That makes a total of 6 stages in the game, and players will have a Stage Selection function to start a whole new game or start from Stage 4!

The cabinet features two 42" monitors - 1 for each player - and a new handgun controller design which includes a button for players to cycle through and selects weapons with ease and is the first of its kind in the series. The control also includes force feedback recoil and more accurate sensor aim.

The cabinet has also brought back the pedal mechanic from previous games in the series, however, each player now gets two pedals - a left and a right - which can be used to move the character left and right, and when released the character takes cover.

The stages include the Resort ("Rampage in the resort!"), the Helicopter stage ("Board an assault heli and level massive damage!"), and the Motorcycle stage ("High speed battle on motorcycles!"), the Factory stage ("Sneak into the Factory!"), the Battle stage ("Battle in the underground hidden passage!"), and the Final stage ("The outcome").

The industry had been expecting the SD version for some time and was pleasantly surprised when it turned up at IAAPA last week!

Point Blank X Arcade Machine also showed up at the exhibition last week in Orlando, which has proven to be an exciting development. Point Blank X or Gun Bullet X (title is undecided at the moment) is a video redemption shooting game designed for two players.

The cabinet is a prototype, so unfortunately we can't show any images of the cabinet right now, but we can tell you that it features a 42" HD LCD monitor, LED lighting on the control panels and side cabinets, one ticket dispenser per player, and brand new gun controllers which will be compatible with the Time Crisis 5!

Changes in the game play include the introduction of two modes: Classic Mode, which is similar to Point Blank and Normal Mode, which is a Kids mode designed for players aged 3-8 years old. In this mode there will be fewer targets, the targets will be bigger, the gun sight will be bigger, there will be a Rapid Fire feature, no life system (so kids won't need to stress about losing lives) and has a redesigned stages!

There is also a single player mode, which requires players to play through the stages, meeting all stage objectives; and a multiplayer mode, where players can verse each other in a shooting competition.

There are a total of 40 stages and 3 difficulty settings, including Practice, Beginner and Expert; the average playtime is around 3 minutes. Each stage has a clear defined mission, such as 'Shoot more than 48 targets', etc. The game is over when one of two things happens: one of the players loses all 5 of their lives (represented by little hearts on the bottom of the screen), or, the players complete all the stages. Players lose a heart every time they fail a mission or hit the wrong target (the targets with skull and cross bones on them).

If you would like to see some action from the Point Blank X game, you can watch the video below:

We will post more news on these machines as it becomes available.


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