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Bandai Namco Release Pac-Man Cabinet With Built in Fridge

BANDAI NAMCO's Pac-Man Pixel Bash
BANDAI NAMCO's Pac-Man Pixel Bash
Orders are now being taken for Bandai Namco's latest non-coin op version of their Pac-Man Pixel Bash. The Pac-Man Pixel Bash Chill Cabinet, the latest version designed for home use includes an inbuilt mini bar fridge, two cup holders on either side of the cabinet and a bottle opener.

Designed for man-caves everywhere, the home version has replaced the coin mechanism with the fridge. It includes the same original 31 games as the coin-op version, with one extra game: Ms. Pac-Man. Some of the other 31 games include: Bosconian, Super PAC-MAN and MotoS. For a full list of games, click here.



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