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BREAKING NEWS - Pump It Up 2015 Details

BREAKING NEWS - Pump It Up 2015 Details
BREAKING NEWS - Pump It Up 2015 Details
The upcoming IAAPA show means loads of information on new products and one of the more exciting by far are the new details from Andamiro about the Pump It Up 2015 HDD 2 Upgrade Kit, which will be on display at this months show in Orlando.

The PIU 2015 upgrade is ground-breaking with a slew of amazing new features. The stand-out selling points for the 2015 addition to the popular music dance series are the network function support, regular updates, more new songs than ever before seen in the series, the real-time ranking system, and new full monitor resolution support. That's a lot of information for one sentence, so let's break it down.

The Network Function Support feature refers to the online features of the 2015 version PIU, which allows for faster and more efficient updating and has vastly improved the interaction for the online community. The game board, if you are connected to the network, can now be updated online (it can still be updated via USB if you cannnot connect to the network), and there will be regular monthly updates to the song list as well! From what I understand, this will include 2 new songs every month for 18 months, makiong a total of 52 new songs in just over a year.

This is one top of the current songlist, which includes the largest list of new songs than there ever has been in a Pump It Up game. The upgrade includes 80 new songs (including KPOP songs and orioginal titles), plus 28 new songs placed on the HDD. Loads of music for players old and new to enjoy.

The real time Ranking System is a by-product of the network function. Players can now see, in real-time, their ranking and rivals. This makes the ranking system so much easier for players, and should see an increase in competition for current players! The ranking system also has various ranking categories, including Top Score Ranking and Top 10 Step Charts.

The 2015 upgrade also has new full support for monitor resolutions. The upgrade supports both High Definition resolution (1280 x 720) and Standard Definition resolution (640 x 480). This means that countries that don't use HD monitors will also be able to enjoy the 2015 update!

There are also new modes of game play, including Rank Mode and Quest Mode. Players can still use BASIC and FULL modes, for beginners and professional players respectively, but they will also have acces to Rank Mode, which is a Mani and Professional mode for players of 13 Step Level and over, and Quest Mode, which is an update of the previous Mission Mode.

The upgrade also features a multi-lingual interface, so players can select their language of choice, including: Korean, English, Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese. The interfact also uses a simple graphic UI for optimizing HD resolution.

Other things to note, the songs are arranged according to Music Genre, not song title or artist, and there is also an included Command Window whihc explains the new design and various details of Pump It Up 2015. Also, this upgrade can be used in the following PIU Fiesta cabinet models: CX, TX, DX, GX, SX, FX.

The HDD 2 Upgrade Kit will include:

  • Hard Drive
  • Lock Chip
  • PIU 2015 Game Marquee
  • "How to Play" sheet

This upgrade kit is also available with a main box (MK9 box), which customer will have to specify at the time of order if they are getting just the upgrade kit, or, the upgrade kit with the MK9 main box. They will also have to specify which PIU model they are upgrading, in order to get the correct kit.

There will be a PIU 2015 model cabient coming out, but this won't be until early next year.

If you would like to purchase the Pump It Up 2015 HDD 2 Upgrade Kit, please contact our friendly sales staff who will happily help you.

Check out the 2nd teaser trailer below:



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