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ChampionsNet Data on Mobile Phones

ChampionsNet Data on Mobile Phones
ChampionsNet Data on Mobile Phones
Each player, who wants to look at his high scores, can do this from now onwards via Mobil phone. Under the address wap.championsnet.net the latest ChampionsNet-scores can be looked at. Just like the "large" version in the Internet the smaller version also offers all data's about the Champions Net.

Speed is trump: The quickness, with which we receive information nowadays, is the most important thing. We offer the players of Silverball the possibility to receive information as fast as possible via the WAP-system.

Unique: wap.championsnet.net is the only worldwide system, where you can get data's from connected entertaining machines via mobile phone – a further innovation from the company TAB Austria.

Additional information: Another, big advantage of the WAP version is the general information, which can be looked at:

  • Current descriptions of the games

  • News (e.g. the raffle-draw for the VW-Golf)

  • Highlights of the latest version

  • Description of the features (e.g. internet browser)

And of course the current high scores of the Champions Net

For any questions please contact:

Markus Remlinger

Marketing TAB Austria

A-4052 Ansfelden, Haider Strasse 40

Phone: +43 / (0) 7229 / 78 040 – 0

Fax: +43 / (0) 7229 / 78 666

E-Mail: mremlinger@tab.at


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