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China Games & Amusement Policy Boosting Industry Development & Culture

China Games & Amusement Policy Boosting Industry Development & Culture
China Games & Amusement Policy Boosting Industry Development & Culture
In September 2015, China’s Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Culture released an important document about enhancing the games and amusement industry supervision and boosting industry development to create a healthy environment of culture and entertainment that events like the China (Zhongshan) International Games & Amusement Fair 2016 can capitalize on.

The policy was desgined to stimulate market development and leads the market management towards much higher standards. In addition to this, the booming electronic game industry, artificial intelligence and virtual reality (VR) technology provide a unparalleled impetus, which boosts the economic growth and upgrades the structure of the game industry.

The bright prospects for China’s amusement & attractions industry

With the development of Asia-Pacific Region and tourism, the number of people who go to theme parks will increase consequently. China becomes the tycoon of world’s amusement&attraction equipment, with its output of amusement& attraction equipment accounting for 40% of world’s output. In 2014, the industry turnover of Asia-Pacific region reached 12.9 billion dollars. It’s expected that in 2019 the turnover will amount to 19.7 billion dollars and the turnover of theme parks will amount to 4.8 billion dollars in 2020.

Despite the rapid development of China’s amusement&attraction market, there is still much growth space. New theme parks with high quality, customers’ nice experience and safety should be set up to meet the market needs. In view of China’s long history and abundant cultures, the development potential of China’s theme parks is very huge with further exploitation and creative utilization. Furthermore, the number of China’s children will increase in the future due to China’s two-child policy. Therefore, home entertainment center will definitely appeal to more family.

Guangdong’s broad market of games & amusement

With the rapid development of China’s games&amusement industry, China has become the focus of Asian and even world’s game&amusement industry. As the world’s largest games&amusement manufacturing base, Guangdong has attracted a large number of excellent enterprises full of productivity, creativity and competition.

With China’s increasing GDP and gradual improvement of people’s living standards, people’s awareness of entertainment has been strengthened, which stimulates the development of large amusement equipment and game machine industry. In Guangzhou, Panyu District is a key game industrial park which experiences introduction and innovation phase from imports to independent production.

Zhongshan - the first city of games & amusement

Covering an area of 0.8 million m2 and invested with 2.6 billion RMB, Guangdong game&amusement cultural industry city is divided into International industry research and development headquarter, international product trading/exhibition area, international exhibition and cultural experience area, finance/business/education area and comprehensive business service area. The industry city intends to become “China’s first city of games & amusement” and the most powerful games&amusement product trade center around the world in 5 years.

Guangdong games&amusement cultural industry city builds a business service platform integrated with exhibition&promotion, protection of intellectual property rights, logistics distribution, etc. The establishment of global purchasing center indicates that Zhongshan games&amusement leads the international trend and Zhongshan will become world’s games&amusement industrial base. The rapid increase of world’s economic globalization promotes the international communication and cooperation of game industry. Guangdong games&amusement cultural industry city will lead Zhongshan and even China’s games&amusement industry to the world.

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♦ China (Zhongshan) International Games&Amusement Fair 2016 (G&A2016)
Date: Oct. 13th – 15th, 2016
Venue: Zhongshan Convention Center
Sub-venue: Guangdong Game&Amusement Culture Industry City


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