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Connect 4 Hoops Combines a Love for Basketball and the Hasbro Classic, Connect Four

Connect 4 Hoops has been incredibly popular among basketball fans
Connect 4 Hoops has been incredibly popular among basketball fans
In every arcade, the basketball redemption game is a slam-dunk success with players. It's a classic that brings out the Michael Jordan in players of all ages.

Connect 4 Hoops from Baytek takes the love for the hoops and combines it with another classic – Connect Four from Hasbro. Connect Four – which was first trademarked in 1974 – is an instantly recognizable two-player game – where the idea is to be the first to create four in a row – with either the red or the yellow discs which are slotted into an upright blue frame. Similar to Tic Tac Toe, the line can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Connect 4 Hoops uses basketballs instead of disks and sees players work solo or as a pair to shoot baskets with regulation-sized balls, seeing them slot into place on the LED-projected grid. The first player to align four balls horizontally, vertically, or diagonally on the augmented reality playfield wins!

"It adds another dimension to the already-popular basketball redemption piece and we are finding a lot of repeat play for this particular game," adds Matthew. The Connect 4 Hoops cabinet is 12 feet tall and 12.5 feet deep, and the Hasbro license ensures intuitive gameplay, encouraging basketball fans and coin-op enthusiasts to get in on the fun.



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