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Dissidia Final Fantasy & Pop'n Music Eclale Released in Japan

Dissidia Final Fantasy & Pop'n Music Eclale Released in Japan
Dissidia Final Fantasy & Pop'n Music Eclale Released in Japan
The highly anticipated Dissidia Final Fantasy from Square Enix and Pop'n Music eclale from Konami have both been released in Japan this week.

Arcade Belgium operator, Xavier Vincent, is currently in Japan and shared images of the Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade machine out in arcades on his and Arcade Belgium's Facebook page.

His comment on the game after playing: "[Nov 27] is the release day of Dissidia Final Fantasy in Japan. I played a few games. It's great! Reminds me a bit of Gundam Extreme Vs. (but with Final Fantasy characters)".

Vincent also explains on his own page that the game requires the NESiCA network for players to level up and that controls would need minimal explanation if Dissidia was to find it's way overseas. With all the Japanese arcade games Round 1 USA and Dave & Buster's have been testing this year, I wouldn't be surprised if Dissidia made an appearance in one of these locations.

If you would to see some of the characters in action, check out the videos below:

Konami's Pop'n Music eclale has also made it entrance into arcades this week. This latest addition to the long running series has new songs, new characters, a character design mode, and a redesigned cabinet!

Musical game play is much the same as in previous versions. Players use the two blue buttons to move through their selections, and the central red button to select. When enetered in a game, the coloured notes will fall from the top of the screen and player smust hit the corresponding button in time with the notes. As you play, the Groove Gage will fill or empty depending on your performance. If you empty the gage due to a bad performance, you will fail the song

There is a lot of confidence that we will see this game in the West, but we will have to wait and see. Again, this is a game that maybe Round 1 USA or Dave & Buster's might be interested in bringing to their locations, but more updates on their available.

For more information on Pop'n Music eclale, visit the official website.


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