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F2FEC Hosted By The Three Amigos To Debut in 2015

Rick Iceberg , Ben Jones , and George Smith.
Rick Iceberg , Ben Jones , and George Smith.
Rick Iceberg (CEO of C J Barrymores), Ben Jones (FEC Specialist & Senior Lender at Live Oak Bank), and George Smith (President & CEO of Family Entertainment Group) - otherwise known as The Three Amigos - have come together to create a new FEC conference event, F2FEC (Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference), which is due to debut in 2015.

These FEC industry veterans have gained notoriety as educators and conference leaders through their spearheading of IAAPA's 2013 FEC Phoenix, and are now in the process of creating their own independent, stand-alone, family-fun focused conference for early next year.

Sessions will be presented in 17-minute stints and will focus on best practices and trends in industry. Overall, the conference aims to help every attendee develop connections, make more money and remain relevant. Organizers are saying F2FEC will be designed to benefit all entertainment center professionals, including manufacturers, suppliers and operators.

Sessions will be accompanied by quick-fire facilitation, table talks and open forums, all in a lively, highly engaging atmosphere. There will also be plenty of time for debates during breaks, evening receptions and group meals.

Ben Jones said goals will be: "Fostering community, combining genres and sectors, cultivating camaraderie among high-level professionals, and understanding that through the sharing of best practices and money making ideas, we can drive business growth, create needed change and lead an industry."

He continued, "We have tremendous respect for each other's talents and we really enjoy working together. Our approach is different, our styles different, our industry experiences different, and yet we align on the basics and come together on common goals, big ideals and hopes for the entertainment industry," added George Smith. "We share a sense of responsibility and purpose to the industry and feel strongly that F2FEC will be a premier event, challenging and leading the FEC industry."

According to Rick Iceberg: "FEC Phoenix was groundbreaking and well received, and we feel that we only got it 70% right. We can do better, do more and we can create a better experience and value for everyone attending."

The trio have specified that F2FEC is open to all entertainment industry supporters and seeks to attract veteran owners and operators alongside senior-level professionals in a "level playing field, all-in format." F2FEC is independent and membership or affiliation with specific organizations or trade associations is not a requisite to apply to attend. Details pertaining to attendance, alliance partnerships, affiliate sponsorships and venue location will be announced soon.

F2FEC (Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference), will take place on February 24-26, 2015, in Phoenix, Arizona.

News via Replay.


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