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Former Heighway Pinball Employees Join Together to Create Pinball Cabinet

The first production of 'The Mafia' cabinets. Image: Pinball News.
The first production of 'The Mafia' cabinets. Image: Pinball News.

The Mafia, a new pinball cabinet by three former Heighway Games employees is now for sale. Janos, Otília and Romain, also known as Team Pinball originally met as collegues before leaving Heighway Games for their own business. Now based in Cardiff, South Wales the team developed in secret and have now produced 10 Mafia machines available for purchase to the public. 

The trio's new game includes a central spinner, 5 stand up targets, LED lighting and a 10.1" LCD display in the backbox. Team Pinball decided to keep the production a secret until they had finished building the first 10 machines so they had no pressure to meet deadlines or satisfy any expectations. From original designs to production, the machine took approximately 2 years to complete. All three workers work full time in separate, non related fields, meaning the machine was created outside office hours, on weekends and holidays.

"Our game is an entry level machine with hand-drawn art across the cabinet and on the screen, and original – composed for the game – music giving an authentic pinball experience. We believe this game is bringing something new, something fresh to the market, a game designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts!," said Janos. 

Only a small amount of Mafia machines will be produced each month, with most being made to order. As they will be produced in the UK it is unlikely there will be any major price variations from the current $7500 USD asking price. The trio are currently already planning a second title. 

To find out more about the machine or to read the full interview with the trio, visit Pinball News.



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