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Forming of INSKOR Entertainment Limited

Forming of INSKOR Entertainment Limited
Forming of INSKOR Entertainment Limited
London, United Kingdom - April 25th, 2000 - Interactive Partners, in conjunction with SOFILO, have announced the forming of a major amusement entity, under the name of INSKOR Entertainment Limited. With this announcement Europe becomes the launch pad for an auspicious operation in the creation and development of original amusement projects.

Founded earlier in the year, INSKOR Entertainment Limited, will receive the support of SOFILO, as a majority shareholder in the French amusement company Avranches Automatic SA. One of Europe's largest distributor and manufacture of amusement machines, with a considerable Worldwide presence in the market.

The other partner, involved in this relationship, is Interactive Partners who bring to the agreement the Infogrames Entertainment partnership, being a main shareholder in this company. Infogrames Entertainment is Europe's premier video-game publisher.

Via the collaboration of these partners, INSKOR Entertainment Limited will utilize many of the initiatives which enables Infogrames Entertainment to revolutionize the home games market. Combined with the amusement background that has allowed Avranches to succeed within their sector.

A number of high profile licenses will be announced around INSKOR Entertainment's establishment, growing on the position of strength that Interactive Partners and Avranches Automatics brings to this market. This will be the first time that Europe has had an amusement manufacture and developer comprising the knowledge base needed to 'speak' the arcade operator's language.

Benoit de Maulmin, Chairman of INSKOR Entertainment Limited, commented on the announcement, "With INSKOR we have created a company that will breathe new life into the amusement sector, building on the influence and reputation of our partners. The need to bring strong design in an affordable package can now be achieved with this pairing of content, design and manufacturing."

"We intend to gather the leading lights of the amusement sector, and release their imagination to the players, creating attractions and experiences that will offer the most engrossing out-of-home products. What both Interactive Partners, with the support of Avranches, will bring to the deal is an unequalled opportunity for success."

Interactive simulation software and hardware, next-generation video amusement, specialized attractions and technology redemption, are just some of the areas of interest for INSKOR Entertainment. It is part of the company's vision to both broker their own original products, and work with existing systems, offering a professional sales and development environment for good ideas to succeed within an ever changing market.

Interactive Partners - Is a French based investment company mostly involved with the video game business through its stake in Infogrames Entertainment, as well as in internet business through it interests in the internet operator Infosource. The relationship engendering cross-fertilization between Infogrames and INSKOR Entertainment.

Avranches Automatics SA - Is Frances premier amusement machine distributor and manufacture, with over 20 years experience in the coin operated amusement business. One of the largest arcade distributors in Europe, manufacturing a number of machines under-license for the leading international amusement manufacturers.


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