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Golden Tee 2018 Update + Release Date

Golden Tee 2018 Out Soon!
Golden Tee 2018 Out Soon!
Golden Tee 3D Golf took the arcade world by storm back when it was released in 1995 being one of the first arcade games that allowed network play. The game is still popular today as it was those many years ago. Incredible Technologies, Inc. (IT) is hoping to strike gold again (no pun intended) with it’s newest update Golden Tee Golf 2018.

It will be released to all operators on the 25th of September, 2017, with it comes a lot of brand new changes, while staying true to their roots. With this new update, they will release new courses, consumables and customization options. Also with the update they will offer up new time-released content throughout the year.

Five new Courses will be released with the update and then in the months after it’s release, two more will be unlocked. Also released later will be more features and course changes.

Don Pesceone, Amusements Division VP at IT said on IT’s News blog, “The 2018 update delivers everything players and owners have come to expect, with a full course and feature update that will appeal to players and boost earnings from the start. But we aren’t stopping there. We will be introducing more courses and content nearly every month throughout 2018, keeping players interested and excited all year long. This could be a real game-changer.”

Well it seems that they are hoping to be a giant leap in the right direction from previous releases.

What do you guys think, are you excited for this upgrade? Let us know on our Twitter Page.


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