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Heighway Pinball Debt Revealed Following Its Liquidation

Andrew Heighway at Heighway Pinball.
Andrew Heighway at Heighway Pinball.
A recent report released by the company liquidating the assets of Heighway Pinball indicates the company was in debt nearly $2 million pounds, or $3,450,678.68 AUD (based on todays exchange rate). This figure, however, fails to take into account several assets yet to be realized such as tax and utility refunds.

The pinball company was the UK's first manufacturer of the game, opening in 2012. The formal liquidation process began on April 19 of this year, after six years of operation.

Many customers and employees were unhappy with the news, with limited company assets meaning unpaid invoices, deliveries and wages will unlikely be paid.

The man who founded the business, Andrew Heighway, has been subject to a lot of criticism surrounding the manner he left the business in when departing in June last year. The investor group (IG) stated they were unaware of the true nature the business was in when putting money into it.

In a recent interview with Andrew Heighway, he stated in regards to the way the business was left;" … the investor group did NOT hire the correct personnel to overcome the outstanding technical issues. Without hiring an experienced Technical Director, then nobody was truly qualified to understand the technical issues and most importantly, fix them. But – the fact remains that customers were owed money at the end. That is not acceptable on ANY level."

Andrew went on to say he believes the investor groups have blamed him for the companies closure and as a result, he now fears for his family and own personal safety due to unpaid debtors, staff and customers making threats online.

For a more in-depth report on the business, or to read the full interview with Andrew Heighway, please visit Pinball News.



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