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Highway Games Interviews Andamiro Representative Ryan Jang - Talks PIU 2015 and more!

From left: Ryan Jang, Regional Manger (Asia), Andamiro; Steve Josivofski, Managing Director of Highway; Shonavee Simpson, Editor of Highway Games.
From left: Ryan Jang, Regional Manger (Asia), Andamiro; Steve Josivofski, Managing Director of Highway; Shonavee Simpson, Editor of Highway Games.
Highway Games editor, Shonavee Simpson, recently sat down with an Andamiro representative from their International Business Team - Ryan Jang, Regional Manager for Asia - to talk PIU 2015 and more!

SHONAVEE SIMPSON: So I saw that you guys were at GTI Asia China quite recently. I just wanted to ask ‘how did the show go?’ Was the booth successful there?

RYAN JANG: Yeah, it was quite successful. Actually, it was first time we had our own booth at GTI show. Korean Game Association supported us to open our own booth, so first time we displayed all our games in one place with Andamiro brand. Many Chinese and foreign visitors came to our booth and showed interest.

SS: What games were you showing?

RJ: We displayed some new games like Slam-A-Fever, lobster robot, Eiffel Tower, and Color Ranger. Other games are iCube, Fruit Party 2, Pump It Up Fiesta, Carnival Jungle...

SS: So that’s the Slam-A-Fever, Fruit Party…

[Editor's note: Fruit Party 2, Slam-A-Fever, and Color Ranger games are now all available in English version.]

RJ: We have Chinese version and English version for [these games] for international market.

SS: So, what machines garnered the most interest at GTI?

RJ: I can say Slam-A-Fever and we already got orders from my customers. Also, some customers wanted to try Eiffel Tower and Color Ranger. We are sending a few samples soon to the customers.

SS: I’ve seen in the last year [that] you’ve been to different trade shows, and I was just wondering if, say, the customers when you went to the trade show in Orlando had responded to different games better than say China or Korea?

RJ: What we do is we develop different game for US market and China. And Asian games usually generous. US market’s quite different. Their game should be simple and fun. Like, we say ‘one shot game’.

SS: So, you would mostly be looking at doing redemption games for the US?

RJ: Yeah, US redemption game market is quit big and Andamiro games reputation in US is quite good. We are developing US style redemption games now and they like larger size of game, so our cabinets are quite big.

SS: Okay, I also wanted to talk to you about 2015 Pump It Up models. What can you tell me about those?

RJ: Now, we are collecting new songs from each country – Indonesia, Thailand, and India, and Malaysia… we are putting their new songs, in their country songs that are popular, yeah. We did last time too. So, we are now collecting the new songs and we are making that work. It’s first time Andamiro game do have a network function. We didn’t really proceed [with] it before because many countries didn’t have stable internet infrastructure. What we do is, a country [that] has a good internet system, they can connect to network. Also, [if the] country is not good for internet system, they can still play. Thus both online and offline will be available.

SS: So what countries is the offline version going to be available to?

RJ: Not sure yet, but we are now thinking about country by country and area by area.

SS: That’s really good, because a lot of companies will just go ‘if you can’t connect, you can’t have game’ basically.

RJ: Well, our main concept is that we don’t want to lose any users, or, players and keep the communities in the world.

SS: All right, so what other plans have you got for 2015 in terms of products?

RJ: We are very excited to have the 2015, because we haven’t released new game much in 2014, l, because we developed many games, but we didn’t satisfy, so we really didn’t show the market, but now there [are] six-seven games coming up. So we are very happy to show our customer and we are going to have a good year next year.

SS: Very exciting.

RJ: Yeah, this IAAPA show will be main show, in November we will display many new games!

[Editor’s note: as we were going to publish, we received confirmation of what many suspected since the recent release of the PIU 2015 teaser trailer – the 2015 Pump It Up software will definitely be on show at IAAPA this November. However, the 2015 cabinet model will not be at the show and won’t be seen by the public till early next year. Check out the teaser trailer below, courtesy of Andamiro!]

Thank you to Ryan Jang from Andamiro for taking the time to visit us here at Highway Games and talk with us.


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