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History of gaming consoles and the players that shaped the industry

Sega has been a major player in the gaming industry
Sega has been a major player in the gaming industry
What is old is new again in this day and age.

Arcade games you think you will never see again are popping up in new ways and in new formats.

In a recent Mobile Industry Review article, Adam Pothitos looks at the history of gaming consoles.

Video games might have once been considered as a part of the “geek” or “nerd” cultures but such stereotypes have all but vanished, Pothitos writes.

The history of gaming consoles may not be well-known to the younger generation but its effects are visible everywhere.

Today, the video gaming industry is valued at almost $2 trillion.

In 2013, an estimated 1.2 billion people played video games regularly.

Two years later, the Entertainment Software Association revealed that four out of five households in America had some kind of a video game console.

In his opinion piece, Pothitos looks at:

The early days
Atari’s contributions
The turbulent second generation
Nintendo and the third generation
The fourth generation – Sega and Nintendo fight it out
The fifth generation – The PlayStation changes the world
The sixth generation – Microsoft enters the fray
The seventh generation – Gaming consoles sell hundreds of millions
The eighth generation – The current market

Read the article here.


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