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Holovis to Exhibit Virtual And Augmented Reality Technologies at DEAL 2016

Holovis to Exhibit Virtual And Augmented Reality Technologies at DEAL 2016
Holovis to Exhibit Virtual And Augmented Reality Technologies at DEAL 2016
Holovis is heading to DEAL 2016 in Dubai, in the UAE April 19-21, to exhibit their latest virtual and augmented reality technologies and to provide a unique experience to visitors at the show.

Using virtual reality technology and augmented reality technology, Holovis have created a mixed reality experience where software-generated environments can be created to combine with the physical world.

Stuart Hetherington, CEO of Holovis, said: “We are privileged to be working with some of the region’s leading attraction destinations to deliver next generation media and interactive experiences where we can put the guests right at the heart of the story.”

Visitors to the Holovis booth will be able to step inside the virtual world of RideView, Holovis’s proprietary software platform that enables ride design and development to take place in a 3D environment that can be manipulated and changed in real time.

Hetherington added: “Combining this with the latest VR and AR capabilities, both on and off-ride, really creates a new kind of memorable experience. These next-generation mixed-reality technologies, including fully immersive media in an interactive dome, head-mounted devices being perfectly synched with audio, motion and special effects, means Holovis can design the perfect experience at the price point to fit your budget.”

The growth and popularity of VR and AR technologies has boomed once again over the past 2-4 years, and it seems that the technologies we are able to develop now are capable of keeping up with the vision of VR, while still maintaining commercial potential.

“We achieve this by combining our cutting-edge technologies with our in-house Holovis Media capabilities using real-time game play that allows people to influence the games that they are playing through the decisions they choose to take,” Hetherington added.

“In this way we can create unique experiences that change every time a guest goes on the ride.”


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