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IAAPA 2014 Honors Bob Cassata and Richard Knoebel in Hall of Fame

IAAPA 2014
IAAPA 2014
IAAPA 2014 honors two members at this year's show by inducting them into IAPPA's Hall of Fame. Congratulations to Bob Cassata and Richard Knoebel!

Bob Cassata has been a huge part of the industry for a long time now: he founded Bob's Space Racers and created the still-popular Whac-A-Mole - both the brand and the machine being popular additions to amusements locations across the globe. The association praised him for revolutionizing the carnival games business and adapting it to the worldwide theme park business.

"In 1972, BSR sold the first mechanized group game, which for the first time, allowed players to compete against each other instead of against the operator," noted IAAPA. "Cassata's company is also credited with inventing and developing a built-in accounting and diagnostic system that allows park operators to know the number of games played, the number of players, revenue per location and per employee shift, price optimization, system faults and more. BSR holds 22 patents and more than 50 trademarks, and is currently doing business in 120 countries. Cassata earned the respect of the industry by developing games that were reliable, fair, and, most of all, fun."

Richard "Dick" Knoebel was born and raised in the attractions industry, as his parents founded the Knoebels Park in 1926 in Elysburg, Penn., and through his involvement in the industry he has raised it to a new standard over the years.

In 1971, Knoebel was elected president of the Pennsylvania Amusement Parks Association and in 1984 was instrumental in the development and adoption of the Pennsylvania Ride Inspection Act. Since 1988, Knoebel has served as the president of the family business and has been at the forefront of preserving and restoring vintage rides ever since. Legendary projects include rebuilding The Phoenix roller coaster, which debuted in Texas in 1947 and was reopened at Knoebels Park in 1985, and saving The Twister, which was purchased in Colorado and made its debut at Knoebels in 1999.

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