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Inaugural Ukrainian Gaming Congress Opens September 29

Inaugural Ukrainian Gaming Congress Opens September 29
Inaugural Ukrainian Gaming Congress Opens September 29
The inaugural Ukrainian Gaming Congress will be held in the Ukraine and opens it's doors on September 29 to domestic and international visitors interested in the growing gaming market of the Ukraine.

The trade show is a unique event in the global gambling market and is a platform that will bring together representatives and authorities within the gambling industry to discuss the possibility of its revival in Ukraine.

The renewed interest in this area has come following July 24, 2015, when Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered a draft law: "On State Control and Legal Basis for the Organization of Gambling." This law provides for comprehensive regulation of activities in the field of gambling in accordance with the rules and laws of the majority of European countries.

The idea of the bill, being authored by members of People's Front Party of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, is to introduce a unified law that will regulate gambling. In addition, the point at issue is about the creation of an effective licensing system, set of rules and requirements for all segments of gambling (lotteries, bookmakers, and casinos), and a complete legalization of their activities, as well as their online work.

In the case of the adoption of the law and successful implementation of the project, the Ukrainian authorities expect that the legalization of gambling will be an additional source of income for the national budget, as well as contribute to the development of hotel and tourism business.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk explains, "to adopt a law on bringing the gambling business out of 'shadow' and get additional income to finance Ukrainian culture, art and Ukrainian cinema."

The given statement says that the Ukrainian market will become a full member of the gambling industry as early as in 2016. Where should one start? What will happen to gambling in Ukraine? How should one earn money? What will be allowed? How it all will operate? All this issues will be discussed at Ukrainian Gaming Congress.

The purpose of Ukrainian Gaming Congress is to bring together the representatives of government bodies, gambling zones, investors, owners of betting programs, hotel and tourist industry, foreign casino chains, experts and lawyers to review the prospects for the resumption of work of gambling business in Ukraine and submit proposals and business ideas to the country's leadership.

Politicians and officials understand that the legalization of the gambling business will provide an opportunity to invest in the country and its development. Ukrainian Gaming Congress will make it possible to discuss all issues that will help business persons ready to enter the market after the gambling industry legitimacy recognition. In addition, the following issues will be discussed at the Congress:

  • What prospects will the gaming market opening provide to Ukraine?
  • Will it finally be opened or is it just a small talk?
  • Will all business segments be allowed?
  • Who will be the main players on the market?
  • What will happen to the “black” business in the case of legalization?
  • Who will arrive to play in Ukraine?
  • What are the main competitors of the Ukrainian casinos?
  • Ukrainian players' solvency;
  • Licenses and taxes. How much does it cost?

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