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Injoy Motion Introduces Virtual Reality Platform at Tokyo Game Show 2016

Oculus Founder, Palmer Lucky, trying the 5D Totalmotion by Injoy & Futuretown
Oculus Founder, Palmer Lucky, trying the 5D Totalmotion by Injoy & Futuretown
Injoy Motion Corp. introduced a new virtual reality platform at the Tokyo Game Show 2016, 5D Totalmotion, with the help of their partner company Futuretown.

Injoy Motion is a company that specializes in mechatronics engineering and tech and worked on the motion simulator aspect of the platform, while Futuretown is a content provider and augmented their motion platform by adding a heightened sense of realism through virtual reality.

5D Totalmotion caters to a variety of games and play styles, including some of the virtual reality games that were available for play at the show: Whiteout (skiing), Infinity Rider (motorcycle racer), Wave Breaker (surfing game) and Stallion Adventures (which simulates horse riding).

All the games are enhanced with immersive VR technologies and Injoy's patented movement platform, that is capable of replicating a wide range of physical movements for complete immersion.

Injoy says the 5D Totalmotion interfaces with the most popular virtual reality systems including HTC Vive, Occulus Rift and 3Glasses, which keeps the platform open for lots of development.

It's reported that Injoy Motion will also have a demo form at the upcoming IAAPA show, which is likely if the company expects to launch the technology in early 2017. These details are yet to be confirmed.


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