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Jack-7 Returning To Tekken 7 Arcade Machines

Jack-7 Returning To Tekken 7 Arcade Machines
Jack-7 Returning To Tekken 7 Arcade Machines
Jack, the hulking really-wants-to-kill-you (yet kind of lovable) android, has been a constant throughout the Tekken series and will be returning to Tekken 7 Arcade Machines as Jack-7.

Not that this should be a shock to everyone, as Jack has made an appearance in every major Tekken installment (excluding 4), but following the huge liberties taken in the re-design of Yoshimitsu it was hard to say what they may or may not do with the character aesthetically.

The new design is pretty cool though with some small changes, but still true to form. Some things that have remained the same: Jack is still decked out in his usual army gear and carrying more muscle than should be considered legal. Some changes include: the breaks in Jack-7's casing is now a bright green colour and his previously blonde mohawk is now red.

The trailer video for the release of Jack-7 was published by tekkenchannel earlier today and shared by Mark Julio on Twitter (the Madcatz manager carting the Tekken 7 gear across the US for various events).

You can watch how Jack-7 performs in the character trailer below:

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