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JAEPO Arcade Machine Updates - Release Dates and Location Tests

Arcade Machines Seen at JAEPO Update
Arcade Machines Seen at JAEPO Update
We are now starting to hear more about a number of arcade machine games seen at JAEPO recently in regards to release dates and location tests.

Konami has released Jubeat prop on February 20. and it is currently available. This game is part of one of Konami's music and rhythm arcade series, Jubeat, and this next instalment of the series has been eagerly awaited by fans.

Sega's Wonderland Wars, a 4vs4 RPG fantasy game based on fairytales in which players earn experience and level up in classic RPG style, is available now and has been since February 19! Watch the trailer below, sourced from Arcade Belguim:

Sega will also have MaiMai Orange, part of the popular music and rhythm series, on location test as of today (February 23) and it will run for two days (till February 24). It will be testing at three locations, including Club Sega Akihabara, Sega Kagurazaka, and Sega Shinjuku.

Namco has given a release date for the next Taiko no Tatsujin, which is part of a long running music and rhythm drum machine series designed largely for kids or younger players, but is suitable for all ages. It will be released on March 11, so fans of the series will not have to wait much longer!

And lastly, Capcom has put the heavily anticipated Luigi Mansion Arcade on location test at Round 1 Yokohama. The game was unveiled at JAEPO recently at the Sega booth and received a substantial amount of attention so the interesting game play and the unique vacuum styled controllers that players must use to suck up ghosts.

With so many new and exciting games hitting the market all at once, 2015 looks to be off to a great start, but this may leave the second half of the year a bit flat - unless these big factories (Sega, Namco, Konami, etc.) have more games of the same calibre waiting in the wings for all the end of year shows.

More updates to come as they become available, so watch this space.

News via: Arcade Belgium


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