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Jersey Jack Unveiled The Hobbit Pinball Machine

The Hobbit Standard Pinball Machine from Jersey Jack
The Hobbit Standard Pinball Machine from Jersey Jack
In more pin-related news - Jersey Jack recently unveiled The Hobbit pinball machine and currently has a two page brochure out, showing the different models and features for this exciting new game!

The company had on display at Pinball Expo recently the standard version of The Hobbit, however there are two other versions to be incredibly excited about as well - the Limited Edition version and the Smaug Gold Special Edtion!

Some cabinet features of The Hobbit include:

  • 27” HD LCD Display featuring full color custom animation, movie clips, scoring, attract mode, back glass artwork and more!
  • Standard stainless steel spring-loaded metal lockdown bar and side armor!
  • RGB-LED Playfield Lighting!
  • Super-White LED GI Lighting with a newly designed lighting system for more reliability!
  • Full color digitally printed cabinet and back box artwork!
  • 7 Speaker 2.1 Digital Audio system.
  • Each game will have a number affixed to the game apron to be seen under the playfield glass…
  • Premium Clear Coated Playfield

Some of the game features will include (and you can see more here on the brochures):

  • Take on Smaug the Terrible in Multiball, but careful he doesn't steal them, and launch the Windlance with player-controlled kickback!
  • Dozens of game play modes to enjoy with a ruleset that grows with the player!
  • Interact with 15 controllable up/down targets as directed on the monitor!
  • Pop up targets include a: Warg, Spider, Orc, and Goblin!
  • 11 (patent pending) Total Control dropm targets over 3 banks!
  • Player-controllable diverter turns ramp into first-ever inclined loop shot!
  • Intersecting metal dual ramp entrances for Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins!
  • Unprecendetned multi-layer risk/reward scoring system!

This is a really exciting time for Jersey Jack, who enjoyed huge success with their debut machine The Wizard of Oz. At the moment, only pre-orders can be made, but keep watching this space for updates on shipping date and availability. In the meantime, check out the video below of The Hobbit in play (video via Youtube, Parker Thomas):


Jersey Jack Unveiled The Hobbit Pinball Machine        
The Hobbit Backglass        


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