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Jurassic Park Pinball Machine Released by Stern

Stern's Jurassic Park Premium Edition Backglass Artwork
Stern's Jurassic Park Premium Edition Backglass Artwork
Stern Pinball has announced and released a new Jurassic Park pinball machine. Stern's Jurassic Park is based on the original 1993 film of the same name, and is available in three versions including a Pro, Premium and Limited Edition model. Each model has distinctive hand-drawn art highlighting the iconic Jurassic Park dinosaurs from the series, making these tables a must have for any fan of the series.

"Jurassic Park is a classic film featuring what everyone loves­­­­­ – dinosaurs! The game is designed to be easy to play, but difficult to master," said Gary Stern, Chairman and CEO of Stern Pinball, Inc.

The Pro, Premium and Limited Edition models all feature a Jungle Adventure Vehicle target in the middle of the playfield that is a spinning Newton Ball. This kinectic target registers direct hits and then determines where the players go on the island during gameplay, as well as lighting up T-rex modes. All models include three full sized flippers, four custom ramps, a spinning "Spitter" target and in-lane up/down lock post for critical playfield shots.

However the Premium and Limited Edition models also feature an amazing animatronic ball-eating, ball-throwing T-rex that interacts with the players. They also include an interactive Raptor and Raptor pen that includes a ball-lock mechanism guarded by a motorised gate, as well as unique mosquito-in-amber pop bumpers and a custom metal horizontal helicopter spinner.

The Limited Edition model, which is limited to 500 units, comes with a numbered plaque, a custom autographed bottom arch, custom art blades, shaker motor and anti-reflection pinball glass.



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