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LAI Games manufactures 10,000th Stacker

LAI Games manufactures 10,000th Stacker
LAI Games manufactures 10,000th Stacker
LAI Games has announced that the company has manufactured its 10,000th Stacker Instant Redemption Game.

Stacker, which was introduced in 2005, was one of the first instant redemption games on the market to offer both major and minor prizes. The game challenges players to stack horizontally moving blocks directly on top of each other, with each level getting progressively harder. When the player reaches the 11th level they can accept a minor prize and walk away a winner, or risk it all and play on for a major prize.

"Stacker provides players with an easy-to-play game concept based on reaction skills, but the merchandise in the game really gets the attention of the player," stated Chris Kinney, Marketing Manager of LAI GAMES. "The simple game play coupled with merchandise that players desire is a winning formula for both the game players and operators alike."

The success of Stacker has also led to the emergence of several Chinese-manufactured knock-offs. These imported games from China are identical to Stacker except for their names and cabinet artwork. In a bid to combat the knock-offs and protect their intellectual property rights, LAI Games has started to take legal action against companies who are marketing knock-offs.


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