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Luigi Mansion Arcade Announcement Reveals Screenshots and Release

Luigi Mansion Arcade Machine by Capcom and Nintendo
Luigi Mansion Arcade Machine by Capcom and Nintendo
In an odd turn of events, Sega has made an announcement on their Japan site divulging new details about the Luigi Mansion Arcade machine developed by Capcom and Nintendo, including screenshots and a release month!

The arcade game is based on the Nintendo 3DS game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and as we know from the November 2014 reveal, it is a light-gun, 2 player game in a theater style cabinet. The cabinet is to be released in Japanese arcades this year, however there are no details or rumours yet of a Western release.

Even so, there is quite a bit of buzz around this game, maybe because these types of West-popular franchise games do tend to make it out to the English market, which makes it worth keeping an extra close watch for updates. This is what we know from the Sega announcement:

  • This light-gun game uses a vacuum style controller, like the vacuum cleaner Luigi uses in the game (no image of the controller as of yet), and it has a unique feature dubbed 'Oh Vacuum' which produces a vacuum cleaner like feeling when you are sucking up ghosts or the like.

  • Luigi will only be seen in cut scenes, as the game is in first person perspective (you can check out the screenshots below to see what we mean).

  • The only level seen so far in the game is the Gloomy Mansion level which is featured in the screenshots. This takes place inside the mansion, and as you can see there are a variety of ghost characters for players to capture!

  • The cabinet will also feature a 55" display screen inside the theatre cabinet, with four speakers and a woofer emitting special, realistic sound effects for more immersive gameplay, andspecial lighting effects as well!

  • Like the original game, players will be able to dicover hidden items and suck up coins for extra points!

  • The game will be on show at JAEPO 2015 this month and will be displayed at the Sega Japan booth. The announcement from Sega and the placement of the game at the Sega booth is a bit odd, as it appears Sega really didn't have anything to do with the making of the game, which is a collaboration between Capcom and Nintendo, but I guess we will see what that is all about at JAEPO (another reason to go for all you lucky people attending).

  • Sega has also confirmed that the game will be hitting Japanese arcades in June this year!

The line up of games releasing this year is very exciting, and Luigi Mansion Arcade is definitely one of them. Hopefully we will have more details following the Japanese Amusement Expo 2015 opening on February 13!


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