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Masked Pikachu Update to Pokken Tournament - VIDEO

Masked Pikachu Update to Pokken Tournament - VIDEO
Masked Pikachu Update to Pokken Tournament - VIDEO
Have you ever wondered what it would look like if Pikachu suplexed Charizard? Wonder no longer, as Pokken Tournament has a new update coming - a super adorable Masked Pikachu! This update has the world's cutest electric mouse decked out in wrestling gear, serving up some mean wrestling moves.

The video of the new game play update was released only a few days ago, but has quickly been making the rounds ever since!

The video shows pikachu pulling off some pretty epic wrestling moves, which are combined with Pikachu's electric/shock attacks, and even makes a few hilarious references to the theatrical side of wrestling.

At one point Pikachu is feigning to be hurt, signalling to his opponent that he is injured, before jumping up and catching Gardevoir in the face with a spinning kick, and right at the end... well, I won't spoilt it for you, as you can watch it in the video below!

Needless to say this is the greatest update we didn't even know we wanted or needed, but evidently we do. So far, Pokken Tournament and Masked Pikachu can only be played in Japan; however, as of next week the game will be on location in the US!

Dave & Buster's announced today that their Times Square location would be the first venue in the US to get the Pokken Tournament game!



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