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New arcade games from Sega, Taito at JAEPO 2017

Konami's 6th annual arcade championship will be held at JAEPO 2017
Konami's 6th annual arcade championship will be held at JAEPO 2017
Konami will run its 6th annual arcade championship, Taito and Sega will show their latest games and Capcom will exhibit two of its most popular arcade editions at Japan Amusement Expo (JAEPO) 2017.

JAEPO 2017 will be held at the Makuhari Messe exhibition centre in Japan between February 10 and 12.


A major event of JAEPO is Konami’s arcade championship.

The 6th annual Konami Arcade Championship will be held at the 2017 event.

After fighting their way through the preliminary rounds, the best players of 11 arcade games will attend JAEPO for the final event.

The arcade games are: Beatmania IIDX, Dance Dance Revolution, Gitadora Guitar Freaks, Gitadora Drum Mania, Jubeat, Múseca, Pop'n Music, Reflec Beat, Sound Voltex, Mah-Jong Fight Club and Quiz Magic Academy.


Amongst other games, the Capcom booth will feature two of its most popular: Advance Giant and Monster Hunter Medal Hunting G.

The Advance Giant arcade game is based on a popular anime TV series. Capcom will run an Advance Giant “playable exhibition” at JAEPO.

Advance Giant uses an “ultra-rigid blade motif controller” and “intuitive three-dimensional movement” that offers players “exhilarating action to destroy the giants one after another”.

Many legendary monsters unique to Monster Hunter appear in Monster Hunter Medal Hunting G.

Taito / Square Enix

Taito will be showing off its download system NESiCAxLIVe 2 with some new games including King of Fighters XIV and a new version of Groove Coaster.

Taito will also be showing the latest version of Densha de Go!, a Japanese train simulation game series.

Densha de Go! Was first produced by Taito in 1996 and most recently by Square Enix (who bought out Taito). To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Densha de Go! was released for Android and iOS in 2016. The arcade version has been released this year, which is what will be on show at JAEPO.


Sega has the new Initial D Zero, their popular Kancolle ship battle game, the latest versions of their music titles like Chunithm and MaiMai and they will debut their app-to-arcade port of Soul Reverse.

Those who visit Sega at JAEPO will be able to play the Soul Reverse arcade demo for free. As a bonus, if you try the game at JAEPO you will earn an extra game character for Soul Reverse Zero – the smartphone version.

Demo player will also receive an anime and gameplay card. Stock is limited, however.

The arcade version of Soul Reverse is the second series in the saga, following Soul Reverse Zero for Android and iOS which was released in November 2016.

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