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New Pokken Tournament Information Reveals Gengar Added to Fighting Roster

New Pokken Tournament Information Reveals Gengar Added to Fighting Roster
New Pokken Tournament Information Reveals Gengar Added to Fighting Roster
During the latest Pokken Tournament live stream, Bandai Namco have revealed new information such as Gengar being added to the fighting roster, as well as taking a close look at the arcade game and how it will operate.

First they showed Pokémon from the previous stream such as Pikachu, Gardevoir and Suicune performing attacks in combat, before host Ayana Tsubaki arrived on stage with producer Katsuhiro Harada (who was once again dressed in his Pikachu onesie), and they introduced other guests coming to the stage. Those on stage took turns playing each other on the arcade machines that were set up, revealing new content for all to see.

We got a closer look at the Nintendo styled controller, with four buttons and two Left and Right trigger-like buttons. It showed certain combinations will allow Pokémon to Mega Evolve or power-up, depending on who they are, when your meter is filled.

We also got to see some stages, such as Blue Dome which is an underwater stage and has a giant Lugia statue in the background. They then went through a montage of some of the various stages to battle on with at least six different locations and focused largely on the beautiful scenery and Pokémon spectators hidden throughout.

Fan favorite Ghost/Poison-type, Gengar, made its debut appearance. It uses Shadow Ball to range attack, its' long tongue is used to knock down opponents in a melee style attack, and Gengar can even teleport briefly to avoid damage. Gengar can also go mega which should scare any opponent stiff.

The arcade cabinet will be using the Bana Passport system and the cards will be featuring the Pokkén Tournament styled characters on it. The cards allow players to save profile information and player settings for arcade games.

Combat appears to be quite fluid, and uses a nice mix of long range and short range attacks to suit most players. Powered strength, Mega Evolutions and assist Pokémon come into play similar to games like Marvel vs. Capcom.

The game is expected to begin arriving in Japan this June, although there is the possibility of some delay it is set to be a summer release.

Watch the trailer for Gengar as a fighter, he has some pretty cool moves as well as some super creepy ones:

News via: hardcoregamer.com


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